Friday, February 17, 2006

I must say, I don't understand

From, Did Critics Fall in Love with the Revival of Barefoot in the Park? on

Clive Barnes of The New York Post: "It's unlikely ever to become an American classic, but it remains entertaining enough. Filling the shoes first filled by Mike Nichols, Elliott has staged it with much the same manic energy and telling nuance he brought to Mike Leigh's Abigail's Party earlier in the season… Peet certainly has the right ditsy manner, which she plays on like a harpsichord, but also a spunky brightness that suggests a character that won't make her mannerisms her profession."

How do ditsy and harpsichord end up being compared to each other???


duluoz cats said...

I wouldn't worry about not seeing the connection ... typical NY Times review/article ... too clever for its own good.

megc said...

Actually, the was the NY Post. But you're right about not worrying. Perhaps I need to email Clive Barnes for clarification, though! :)