Friday, February 17, 2006

Hercules! Oh how I wish I'd stayed and not strayed

Stupid fatigue.

OK, here is another review of Hercules, entitled "House of Pain," written by Steve Smith, TONY's Associate Music Editor. His description makes me feel really frustrated about having to miss the second half/third act of the performance. Ah well, what can you do. Dejanira's mood, actions, and plain nuttiness reminds me of Medee in Charpentier's amazing opera of the same name. As Smith writes:

She's reckless, macabre and unhinged, completely batty and utterly riveting. Even when the action is elsewhere, you can't help but stare at DiDonato in dumbstruck amazement....In act two, she reacts to the presence of her supposed -- and judging by body language, perhaps likely -- amorous rival, the captured princess Iole, by hurling herself bodily at the younger girl.

Absolutely! Like I said a couple days ago, she absolutely could have been a guest on Jerry Springer. And the third act sounds like it was pretty impressive, full of delicious tragedy.

Next time, I'll fight the fatigue.

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