Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Quality of Light, Among Other Things

Today was a beautiful day in New York City, sunny and warm. The quality of light was almost like that in California - clear and bright but not glary. Everything looked fresh. When I was planning my move to New York, one of the things I despaired about leaving behind was that amazing quality of light that you get in Mediterranean climates such as California's. Every once in a while out here, the light is almost the same. It's never identical, though, but close enough to make me feel a little homesick. I had a mad craving for iced rose garden tea, too, which fortunately I can get close to home.

Midtown's Bryant Park was particularly lovely today, what with all the trees budding and sprouting leaves. I love this time of year in the east.

Musically today, I came across this interesting site having to do with a piece of software called The Shape of Song. Created by digital artist Martin Wattenberg, it basically displays a piece of music in the shape of a series of transluscent arches, and repetition plays a big part in creating the arches. Variations from Bach's Goldberg Variations are particularly beautiful. I also enjoyed the rendering of Pachelbel's Canon. There are 648 pieces in the midi library and you can see the shapes for all of them, here.

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