Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Ducks All Around

It started with this:

I think it's pretty clever photoshopping. Love the toupée, which is something I thought I'd never say. My housemate and I both cackled with delight when we saw it.

It then got me thinking of two other ducks, the first one being harpsichord related: Big Duck's Harpsichord Miscellaney. He links to two useful things, the Harpsichord Listserv and the Princeton Early Keyboard Center, a place I've been meaning to go to.

The second one is the Big Duck on Long Island. In all my years on Long Island, I never made it out east to see it; perhaps someday I will. "Duck carols," who knew!


Anonymous said...

Peeps anybody?

megc said...

Perhaps! I had a friend in grad school that loved Peeps, or at least the idea of them. We never did distribute them around the Department, and I regret that. Peeps taste kind of bitter, they are so sugary! I wonder if they have Peeps in central Europe...