Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Columbia Concert Result

Well, the concert at Columbia went very well, and I expect we will be welcome to come back and perform again next year, judging from the coordinator's positive response. We got a really good audience response afterward, and for some people, it may have been the first time they heard or saw a harpsichord live. It was certainly the first time for some to have heard music by Quantz or Leclair. One man told me he had never heard of the composers but loved the music. I think that's a wonderful thing to tell an artist - that they loved something they had no pre-conceived ideas about. I think the Leclair was the most successful piece on the program, as we were able to do some musical things that we hadn't done before, creating new interpretations on the fly. One of the things I like best about playing with Sang Joon (Fritz) is that he will try different phrasings, or articulations, or timing, and it is easy to follow and imitate. I am also proud of the fact that I am able to be flexible in this way as well. The music stays so alive this way.

I do hope to have a harpsichord moving system figured down soon. The instrument seemed so much heavier today than ever before. Many thanks for my friend Laura for helping out with the move, too.

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